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The myPM - SGC Community Next Generation aims to offer a community platform for everybody who wants to share information, discuss, connect and stay in contact with friends and colleagues. The declared focus of this community centers on creating a professional environment that offers high quality content to learn and grow each of our member's knowledge and expertise within the varied field of project management.

Our mission is to create a community that is part of our life, where we share our experience and practice - from members for members.





Our dedicated and engaged team of community managers strives to support the community members in order to build a rich and vibrant community experience for everyone. Please feel free to contact us in case of questions or concerns.

Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions as they outline the framework and expectations for this platform. Any unprofessional behavior, including abusive posts, spam, advertisment and bullying will trigger immediate action from our community management team and may lead to an instant exclusion of the respective person from this community. 

Interested in joining the team?

We are always looking to augment our team of volunteers who want to participate in current projects and build out this community together - more information and details can be found on the VRMS of the PMI.

Need help or have questions specifically in regards to the Community itself, we're here to help! Simply drop us a note at: . We look forward to hearing from you!

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Please note: The servers of this community are located in Europe and the software we use is open source. As a non-profit organization, we will not use your information for any data mining or marketing activities and will not pass on information from this community to third parties.